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Welcome to my page, thank you for visiting and viewing my work. 


Relocating from Melbourne Australia to London on a career break, provided an abundance of time and freedom, allowing me to travel.  My love for travel deepened my love for photography with vast and colourful experiences. Travelling provided me with the opportunity to explore the beauty of this world, observe people, their cultures, and everything nature has to offer. Life in all it's beautiful forms captured through the lens, in reality, it's an opportunity to capture a moment in life, held in time through photography that will last forever, and I find this exhilarating and fascinating.


I have qualified with a Business Degree majoring International Logistics and dedicated 18-years to a well-established business career working for global corporate Freight Forwarders. However, with a head full of ideas and a gut full of passion, I had a burning desire to explore what life might be like beyond the   9-5 corporate world. I therefore, embarked on an intended 12-month career break to travel, explore and capture these precious moments and experiences through the lens.


I started to follow my heart, connect with what I see, how I feel, to see clearly and not just look, to stop and breathe in the scent of nature and live.

My passion for capturing life in all its forms just grew stronger and stronger and won over any thoughts of returning to the corporate world. I know with all my being, that photography is what I’m meant to be doing, my heart tells me

so every day. 


I would love to find out about your passions, allowing me to use my intuition to capture the beautiful personalities of my subjects, to capture what’s in your heart, to find out what drives you, what’s your style, and what brings out the real you  - enabling me to capture and freeze that moment.

If you feel connected to the passion behind my work, I can’t wait to hear from you.



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